About Conference

Following the successful holding of the second national conference on research and innovation in psychology, the policy committee of the conference decided to hold the third international conference "Research and innovation in psychology, with a special focus on transdiagnostic treatments" by Arian Babol University of Science and Technology with the presence of researchers and professors The name of the country as the key speakers and teachers of the scientific workshops of this conference will be held in person on 9-16 November 2023. As in the first round of this conference, famous professors of this country will be present as keynote speakers and lecturers of scientific workshops in this conference. In the scientific section, the acceptance of research and review articles in the form of lectures and posters will be based on meta-diagnostic therapeutic approaches in psychology, which will be judged based on principles such as: needs assessment, applicability, modernity, localization, creativity and innovation. take The conference will be held in person on 9-16 November 2023, and the selected articles will be presented as speeches and the rest as posters. During the conference, in accordance with the themes, specialized panels will be held with the presence of prominent professors in this field and lectures by prominent Iranian psychologists. On the first day, in addition to the opening of the conference, with the presence of the honorable chairman of the Iranian Psychological Association, specialized lectures related to the main themes of the conference will be held. Also, on the first day, specialized training workshops will be held for those interested. On the second day, in addition to the presentation of the accepted articles of the researchers, specialized meetings will be held with special focus topics. At the conclusion, while summarizing the issues raised in the conference by renowned professors in a specialized panel, certificates of appreciation will be awarded to the selected articles in the lecture and poster sections.

Conference Objectives

1. knowledge and passion to expand the latest scientific achievements and the latest research methods in psychology.
2. Scientific collaboration and expansion of meetings and scientific and specialized thinking.
3. Improving the level of knowledge of the psychology community, consulting on issues related to the conference's themes.
4. Familiarization of students with topics related to the themes of the conference.
5. Introduction of topics and effective indicators related to the conference.
6. Acquaintance with new thematic concepts and advancing the goals of the conference.
7. Providing a suitable platform for the transfer of knowledge and experiences of different countries.
8. Acquaintance of psychology researchers with the latest treatment methods.
9. Setting up a permanent conference secretariat and easy access for interested parties and saving researchers' time and money.